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waste lithium ion battery recycling production line

Working Process description

a. shredding machine:the waste lithium ion battery conveyed by the belt conveyor is sent intothe shredding machine, and the raw materials are torn; The material size is 3-4cm;

b. Crusher:the shredded materials fall into the crusher for crushing. The aperture of the screen is20mm

C. Air flow sorter:the crushed materials are transported to the air flow sorter by U-reamer, andthe sorter uses air flow plus vibration to sort, in which the diaphragm paper in the upper screenis collected into the diaphragm box by the induced draft fan, and the black powder in the lowerscreen can be directly collected. While other materials enter the next magnetic separator forreprocessing. The air separator has two screens: the upper screen is 30 mesh, and the lowerscreen is 120 mesh;

d. diaphragm box:collecting the diaphragm scraps in the air flow separator into the diaphragmbox through the induced draft fan

e. magnetic separator:iron shell, cap, positive and negative materials and other substances flowout from the discharge port of the air separator and enter the magnetic separator. In whichmagnetic substances such as lithium battery case and cap are separated;

f. pulverizer: After magnetic separation, the material is transported to a pulverizer forpulverization, and the aperture of the screen is 2.8mm

g. Linear sieve:The materials collected by the collector fall to the feed inlet of linear sieve, andthe middle is connected with a soft connection. The whole system is a closed negative pressuresystem. Through vibration screening, the materials screened in the upper layer (diaphragm scraps)are directly collected, the materials screened in the lower layer (black powder) are directlycollected, and the mixed materials in the middle layer (copper, aluminum and black powder) aresent to the grinder in the next process for further grinding. Among them, the linear screening istwo layers of screens, and the screen diameters are 10 mesh and 120 mesh;

h. Grinding machine:the mixture (copper, aluminum and black powder) separated by linear sieveis further ground by a grinding machine

i. Linear sieve:the ground materials fall into the lower air damper through the collector andenter the linear sieve for screening. Among them, the materials screened in the middle layer aredirectly collected, the materials screened in the lower layer (black powder) are directly collected,and the mixed materials in the upper layer (copper, aluminum and black powder) are sent to the

next working procedure grinder for further grinding. Among them, the linear screening is twolayers of screens, and the screen diameters are 40 mesh and 120 mesh.

j. Specific gravity separator:the materials that meet the granularity requirements after beingscreened by the linear sieve enter the specific gravity separator for final sorting treatment, inwhich the front discharge port is heavy copper particles and the rear discharge port is lightgraphite powder;

k. Collector:Collecting and discharging the positive and negative powder;

f. Pulse dust collector:collect and discharge the dust and superfine dust (Namely positive andnegative powder) generated in the operation of the whole set of equipment under negativepressure.

Product Description

The technical scheme of the equipment is mainly aimed at lithium ion batteries. Based on the

material characteristics of Li-ion battery, combined with the actual process, the positive and

negative materials and valuable metals were separated by physical crushing, combined with

airflow sorting and vibration screening. Finally, positive and negative electrode materials (positive

and negative mixed powder), copper, aluminum, diaphragm plastic, nickel belt and other materials

are obtained.

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